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We invest in companies with potential to sell into tech-hungry Chinese markets, leveraging our expertise and relationships to access opportunities and drive growth.




How we invest

Most mid-cap technology companies would welcome the opportunity to sell into China, where growth in demand for technology—for instance, for semiconductor chips and other components of consumer technology products—cannot be met by domestic companies. But while many have offerings that would help meet that demand, most lack the capital and know-how to access and build markets in China.

This is where Canyon Bridge enters the picture. We invest in industries that are not being prioritized by the alternative-asset market—and unlike many PE firms, we’re focused on investing in our portfolio companies, not on financial engineering and leverage. While we will pursue buyout opportunities that we find attractive, our focus is on partnering closely with portfolio companies to identify and exploit strategic opportunities via M&A, R&D, and market-development investments—driving long-term growth and value.

We invest in small and medium-sized businesses across the technology value chain—from hardware to software to security—that have limited growth prospects domestically and would benefit from expanding to high-growth markets. We’re especially interested in companies with technology that has significant synergies with the fast-growing Chinese market. Smaller companies often lack the resources to seize the opportunity that China presents—or, if they’re publicly listed, are too focused on short-term growth to make the required investment. Leveraging our expertise and relationships, we’re able to help them connect with opportunities and develop strategies in China in a way that most PE firms simply can’t.

Our strategy at a glance

1. Invest in SMBs across the technology value chain

2. Partner closely with portfolio companies to identify opportunities, fund additional M&A, and invest in R&D

3. Leverage China expertise and relationships to help portfolio companies develop channels and access new markets


Positioning Imagination Technologies for long-term growth

A U.K.-based maker of graphics chips, Imagination owns a broad range of IP, including key processing blocks needed to power popular electronic devices.

When, in 2017, a key customer announced that it would stop using Imagination’s IP in its products, the company’s revenue and market capitalization tanked. Driving growth—which is increasingly difficult for chip-makers due to the commoditization of their offerings—became especially challenging. And as a public company, Imagination faced pressure to focus on short-term fixes rather than embracing promising strategies that might not pay off immediately.

Where Wall Street saw Imagination as an ailing chipmaker with dwindling assets, Canyon Bridge saw a storied company with strong technological capabilities and a talented engineering team. As a result, in a £550 million deal, Canyon Bridge acquired Imagination and took it private.

Since the 2017 acquisition, Canyon Bridge has been working closely with the company to hire U.K. staff and accelerate expansion. By infusing capital into the company and leveraging our expertise and relationships, we’ve positioned Imagination to grow again.

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